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Chronic Pain Management

What We Teach: Chronic Pain Series

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Maverick Medical Education is committed to teaching pain relief methods to medical providers around the country. Within our courses, there are a number of methods explored, including within our Chronic Pain Series. This three-course series offers dozens of ways to relieve chronic pain and can help you better your practice through continued education with us.

How the Stellate Ganglion Block Treats Long-Lasting COVID Symptoms

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We certainly know more about COVID now than we did then and, with that, comes new treatment options, especially for some of the long-lasting symptoms some patients are having. Maverick Medical Education tries to find a number of applications for the blocks and methods we already teach and the application of the Stellate Ganglion Block to treat some of these symptoms is just one of them.

Nerve Block: How Long It Lasts

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One of the commitments our Maverick Medical Education team has made is to train medical professionals in pain management solutions that do not involve prescribing opioids. With more in the medical industry being taught a variety of solutions, including how to effectively administer nerve blocks, we can help our patients have better outcomes and put them at less risk for addiction. Is a nerve block really as good of a solution as we claim? With the way a nerve block works and the reduction in side effects, it is a great solution for a number of reasons.

How a Nerve Block Works

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Maverick Medical Education is devoted to helping educate medical professionals on forms of pain relief and pain management that do not involve opioid prescriptions. One of the largest components of our educational efforts center around nerve blocks and the different ways they can be used, both pre and post operatively and in other pain management settings. Nerve blocks are versatile in how they can be used, making them an ideal consideration for a number of patients.

Common Patient Questions About Nerve Blocks

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A huge component to patient care is helping the patient and their caretaker or loved ones feel included and informed in the medical process. By explaining what will take place and providing answers to as many of their questions as we can, we have a positive impact on recovery in many cases. At Maverick, we want to be a resource you can fall back on when your patients pose questions about nerve blocks. Even if you have these answers, it is helpful to know what your patient may ask.

Managing Pain Without Opioids

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Maverick Medical Education was formed with many goals in mind, but one of those goals, which is always in the forefront of our minds, is how to help educate medical professionals around the country in ways that will reduce the number of times opioid prescriptions are given. One of the best ways we can support medical professionals in this attempt is to give multiple resources, techniques, and methods to help prevent and manage pain in their patients.

Treating Chronic Migraine with Nerve Blocks

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Chronic migraines are one of the more common pain issues we see from the public. In fact, headaches in general effect over 48% of the population according to Current Pain and Headache. With so many patients complaining of headache pain, better treatments should be readily available. Maverick Medical Education teaches nerve blocks to provide relief for many of these patients.

What We Teach – Advanced Pain Management: Chronic Pain Series III

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The field of pain management grows by leaps and bounds every day. By leaning on the extensive knowledge of our Maverick Instructors, our students gain decades of experiences to draw on and learn the nuances that make pain management effective for our practitioners. Our courses are designed to provide that for medical professionals all over the country, through online modules and in person training. The Advanced Pain Management: Chronic Pain Series 3 was specifically designed to provide a comprehensive curriculum of pathology and interventions.

What We Teach: Advanced Pain Management: Chronic Pain Series II

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We would be doing our communities a disservice if we didn’t take time to share the knowledge and experience all of our Maverick Educators have gained over the years of practicing medicine. Similarly, we would be doing our communities and students a disservice if we stopped at a single Advanced Course discussing pain management techniques. Our second course focuses largely on pain that originates from the spinal column. The spine contributes to an extraordinary amount of work in the body, so it makes sense that the spine is particularly susceptible to pain from overuse, misuse, or other components of a patient’s day-to-day.

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