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Regional Anesthesia

Improving Analgesia with Regional Anesthesia

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Breast cancer, unfortunately, is more prevalent and impacting more women every year. While every patient will choose, with their medical team, a different course of action for treatment, many are choosing a surgical option to reduce the risk of future issues. With this emotional decision comes a number of concerns, including the typical post-surgical pain concerns. Maverick Medical Education teaches courses that help provide pain treatment and reduction for patients of all types and has seen an improvement in analgesia with the use of regional anesthesia.

Regional Anesthesia’s Impact on Cancer Survival

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Anesthesia techniques extend far beyond the obvious of numbing an area to pain in order for a medical procedure to take place for the patient. From pre and post-operative care to assisting in healing long term there are a number of ways that anesthesia can benefit patients facing a number of medical concerns. There is a growing amount of research that shows regional anesthesia can have a positive impact on, not only care for cancer treatment patients, but on survival rates as well.

Nerve Block: How Long It Lasts

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One of the commitments our Maverick Medical Education team has made is to train medical professionals in pain management solutions that do not involve prescribing opioids. With more in the medical industry being taught a variety of solutions, including how to effectively administer nerve blocks, we can help our patients have better outcomes and put them at less risk for addiction. Is a nerve block really as good of a solution as we claim? With the way a nerve block works and the reduction in side effects, it is a great solution for a number of reasons.

How a Nerve Block Works

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Maverick Medical Education is devoted to helping educate medical professionals on forms of pain relief and pain management that do not involve opioid prescriptions. One of the largest components of our educational efforts center around nerve blocks and the different ways they can be used, both pre and post operatively and in other pain management settings. Nerve blocks are versatile in how they can be used, making them an ideal consideration for a number of patients.

Types of Nerve Blocks We Teach

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With a number of courses, ranging from pain management to point of care ultrasound, our Maverick Medical Education team gets questions about the skills and techniques our students will walk away with. In addition to the knowledge we give in each of our courses, we provide students with the opportunity for hands-on training and in person guidance from our skilled Maverick Instructors. Our Regional Anesthesia Essentials and Advanced courses train on a number of nerve blocks to provide experience in providing pain relief.

Regional Anesthesia: Alternative to Opioids

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From immediate physical issues that come with opioid use to long term changes from addiction to these pain-relieving medications, opioids can lead to more problems than any patient would like to deal with. When alternatives are available, like regional anesthesia, patients can get the pain relief they need without the negative effects and can heal and recover efficiently and safely. Maverick Medical Education is focused on reducing the number of opioids prescribed and teaching alternatives that work.

The Ins and Outs of Anesthesia

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Anesthesia can refer to a number of different medicines to assist in medical procedures of all types. While commonly thought of as a single type that puts you into a full sleep, anesthesia is actually anything that makes you comfortable to assist in the safety of performing these procedures. At Maverick Medical Education, we know about anesthesia of all types and can help you become proficient at a number of them.

What We Teach: Advanced Regional Anesthesia

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Maverick Medical Education is committed to getting members of the community out of pain and back to their regular lives in any way possible. So firm is our commitment, we train other providers in the techniques we have mastered along the way. Our courses are on the cutting edge of medial practices. Once our Essentials course is completed, students have the option of continuing their education with our Advanced course, to further their skills and knowledge.

What We Teach: Regional Anesthesia Essential Techniques

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The founders of Maverick Medical Education saw a need within the community of students who were graduating from colleges and medical programs without a base knowledge of techniques in regards to pain alleviation and prevention. Our founders wanted to share the extensive knowledge they had gained through repeated practice and from working in nurturing environments that allowed them the ability to grow and develop their skills. By leaning on this experience, Maverick Medical Education was formed and several courses developed to teach medical practitioners, both fresh from school and experienced in their own practices, how to best meet their patients’ needs. One of the fundamental courses in that set is Regional Anesthesia Essential Techniques.

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