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What We Teach: Chronic Pain Series

By |2022-08-29T21:26:45+00:00July 29, 2022|Chronic Pain Management, Course Information, Course News|

Maverick Medical Education is committed to teaching pain relief methods to medical providers around the country. Within our courses, there are a number of methods explored, including within our Chronic Pain Series. This three-course series offers dozens of ways to relieve chronic pain and can help you better your practice through continued education with us.

Continuing Education: What It Is and Why It Is Important

By |2022-09-01T14:00:46+00:00July 27, 2021|Course Information, Course News, Maverick News|

Maverick Medical Education isn’t just passionate about teaching others pain relief methods. We are also passionate about making medical providers better versions of themselves, adding new knowledge, techniques, and trade tips that will serve the patients at each of their practices even better after the completion of one, or all, of our courses. Hand in hand with that, each medical professional has to continue their education beyond their years of schooling, through continuing education credits.

Nerve Block: How Long It Lasts

By |2022-09-01T14:05:25+00:00July 20, 2021|Course Information, Course News, Regional Anesthesia|

One of the commitments our Maverick Medical Education team has made is to train medical professionals in pain management solutions that do not involve prescribing opioids. With more in the medical industry being taught a variety of solutions, including how to effectively administer nerve blocks, we can help our patients have better outcomes and put them at less risk for addiction. Is a nerve block really as good of a solution as we claim? With the way a nerve block works and the reduction in side effects, it is a great solution for a number of reasons.

Benefits of Using Cadavers in Training

By |2022-08-30T19:34:49+00:00April 26, 2021|Course Information, Course News|

There is no secret that Maverick Medical Education wants to provide the best. We want the best for students, the best for trainings, and the best for the community at large. By being thoughtful about the pedagogical decisions we make, like making our course content accessible ahead of time, front loading the academic work, so our time in person can be spent practicing techniques, we know we are providing the best we can. This drive for the best carries over to every aspect of the lab, including using cadavers for modules and learning.

Technical and Program Requirements

By |2022-08-30T19:45:03+00:00March 29, 2021|Course News|

One of the many advantages of doing continuing education and additional training with Maverick Medical Education is our flipped classroom model. Once you sign up for a course, your content learning is available at your fingertips for you to work through at a time that is most convenient for you. We find this is especially helpful for our medical community who often works odd hours and even odder shifts and need that mobility for learning. Once you have primed your brain with the content the course requires, we practice techniques face-to-face, giving you the guidance and repetition, you need for proficiency. There are a few technicalities to consider when accessing our courses.

Combating the Opioid Epidemic

By |2022-08-30T19:49:15+00:00March 17, 2021|Course News, Maverick News|

Maverick Medical Education knows that pain is a large part of people’s lives. Whether chronic pain that people figure they simply have to live with, ongoing injuries that are never correctly addressed, or surgical procedures that are trying to help the patient and lead to pain during recovery, pain is a frequent part of many people’s conversations. We know there are alternatives to pain treatment out there, but not all are the best choice.

The Ins and Outs of Anesthesia

By |2022-08-30T20:16:34+00:00October 20, 2020|Course Information, Course News, Regional Anesthesia|

Anesthesia can refer to a number of different medicines to assist in medical procedures of all types. While commonly thought of as a single type that puts you into a full sleep, anesthesia is actually anything that makes you comfortable to assist in the safety of performing these procedures. At Maverick Medical Education, we know about anesthesia of all types and can help you become proficient at a number of them.

Is Continued Education Right for Me?

By |2022-08-30T20:37:40+00:00June 18, 2020|Course Information, Course News|

Continued education is vital to medical practice, for those in almost every aspect of what we do. Maverick Education was founded by a passion to help others learn the skills our leadership team acquired when searching for ways to better serve their patients. By constantly learning new techniques, practices, and methods, we can provide better care for those who walk through our doors everyday.

How to Prepare for One of Our Courses

By |2022-08-30T20:39:51+00:00May 27, 2020|Course Information, Course News, Maverick News|

We have no doubt that our courses will help you care for the needs of your clinic and patients in a fuller way. Once you decide on a course, or several courses, you can begin learning immediately. However, there are a few tips and tricks to prepare for one of our Maverick Medical Education courses, both remotely and in person.

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