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Occipital Nerve Block: Procedure, Benefits, and Side Effects

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Too many of our population suffer with chronic migraines with little to no relief. While there are some home remedies that can ease the pain that comes with some headaches, it is worth considering an occipital nerve block for patients who are suffering from regular and persistent pain. The occipital nerve block is not only easy to learn in our Maverick Medical Education courses, but easy to administer to patients who are in need of relief.

Nerve Block: How Long It Lasts

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One of the commitments our Maverick Medical Education team has made is to train medical professionals in pain management solutions that do not involve prescribing opioids. With more in the medical industry being taught a variety of solutions, including how to effectively administer nerve blocks, we can help our patients have better outcomes and put them at less risk for addiction. Is a nerve block really as good of a solution as we claim? With the way a nerve block works and the reduction in side effects, it is a great solution for a number of reasons.

How a Nerve Block Works

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Maverick Medical Education is devoted to helping educate medical professionals on forms of pain relief and pain management that do not involve opioid prescriptions. One of the largest components of our educational efforts center around nerve blocks and the different ways they can be used, both pre and post operatively and in other pain management settings. Nerve blocks are versatile in how they can be used, making them an ideal consideration for a number of patients.

Common Patient Questions About Nerve Blocks

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A huge component to patient care is helping the patient and their caretaker or loved ones feel included and informed in the medical process. By explaining what will take place and providing answers to as many of their questions as we can, we have a positive impact on recovery in many cases. At Maverick, we want to be a resource you can fall back on when your patients pose questions about nerve blocks. Even if you have these answers, it is helpful to know what your patient may ask.

Managing Pain Without Opioids

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Maverick Medical Education was formed with many goals in mind, but one of those goals, which is always in the forefront of our minds, is how to help educate medical professionals around the country in ways that will reduce the number of times opioid prescriptions are given. One of the best ways we can support medical professionals in this attempt is to give multiple resources, techniques, and methods to help prevent and manage pain in their patients.

Side Effects of Using Opioids

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One may expect to hear agreement that the use of opioids is bad, but the reasoning behind that may not be as well understood. Opioids, even when used on a short term, can have a number of negative side effects that aren’t talked about enough. At Maverick Medical Education, we want medical professionals and the general public to be knowledgeable about what those effects may be.

Regional Anesthesia: Alternative to Opioids

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From immediate physical issues that come with opioid use to long term changes from addiction to these pain-relieving medications, opioids can lead to more problems than any patient would like to deal with. When alternatives are available, like regional anesthesia, patients can get the pain relief they need without the negative effects and can heal and recover efficiently and safely. Maverick Medical Education is focused on reducing the number of opioids prescribed and teaching alternatives that work.

Implementing Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks

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Maverick Medical Education believes that equipping more medical practitioners with the skills to provide a number of nerve blocks for their patients will decrease patient pain and increase patient satisfaction. Maverick Medical Education also believes that ultrasound, in many forms, provides medical practitioners with the knowledge of what is happening inside of a patient’s body, leading to better diagnoses and outcomes. When combining the two, the prognosis of the patient increases, allowing for even better pain management and recovery. How can ultrasound guided nerve blocks be implemented in your practice?

Avoid These Common Femoral Nerve Block Errors

By |2022-08-30T20:12:16+00:00November 24, 2020|Course Information, Pain Management, Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)|

In an ongoing attempt by Maverick Medical Education to partner with and train medical providers across the country on pain management techniques, our team has learned about what works, what doesn’t, and everything in between. By diligent practice and research, we can help reduce the number of opioids prescribed to patients by utilizing alternative methods for pain reduction. Occasionally, there are adjustments to be made in very common blocks, like the femoral nerve block, that will make everyone more effective.

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