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Benefits of Using Cadavers in Training

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There is no secret that Maverick Medical Education wants to provide the best. We want the best for students, the best for trainings, and the best for the community at large. By being thoughtful about the pedagogical decisions we make, like making our course content accessible ahead of time, front loading the academic work, so our time in person can be spent practicing techniques, we know we are providing the best we can. This drive for the best carries over to every aspect of the lab, including using cadavers for modules and learning.

Using Cadavers: Pros and Cons

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Maverick Medical Education strives to give comprehensive learning opportunities to the medical professionals who enroll in our courses. Our desire is to be amongst the best certification courses and to provide the best in academic knowledge and practical skill. Many components factor into our learning opportunities, one being the use of cadavers in training sessions.

Cadavers with a Pulse

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If you’re paying for continuing education, why not come away with knowledge and a skill you can wield to produce better outcomes and happier patients? Maverick’s regional anesthesia courses over one-of-a-kind training on our patent-approved pulsatile cadavers — nowhere else can you practice ultrasound-guided needle acquisition on something that so closely mimics a live patient.

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