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5 Reasons Why In-Person Medical Training is Important

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Maverick Medical Education is focused on teaching and training as many medical professionals the skills and techniques needed to alleviate the pain of their communities and within their practices. To do so, we have thought out the best way for physicians, practitioners, nurses, and others to learn from our expert team. That said, medical training needs hands-on practice in order to learn the procedures and develop proficiency.

What We Teach: Advanced Regional Anesthesia

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Maverick Medical Education is committed to getting members of the community out of pain and back to their regular lives in any way possible. So firm is our commitment, we train other providers in the techniques we have mastered along the way. Our courses are on the cutting edge of medial practices. Once our Essentials course is completed, students have the option of continuing their education with our Advanced course, to further their skills and knowledge.

What We Teach – Advanced Pain Management: Chronic Pain Series III

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The field of pain management grows by leaps and bounds every day. By leaning on the extensive knowledge of our Maverick Instructors, our students gain decades of experiences to draw on and learn the nuances that make pain management effective for our practitioners. Our courses are designed to provide that for medical professionals all over the country, through online modules and in person training. The Advanced Pain Management: Chronic Pain Series 3 was specifically designed to provide a comprehensive curriculum of pathology and interventions.

What We Teach: Advanced Pain Management: Chronic Pain Series II

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We would be doing our communities a disservice if we didn’t take time to share the knowledge and experience all of our Maverick Educators have gained over the years of practicing medicine. Similarly, we would be doing our communities and students a disservice if we stopped at a single Advanced Course discussing pain management techniques. Our second course focuses largely on pain that originates from the spinal column. The spine contributes to an extraordinary amount of work in the body, so it makes sense that the spine is particularly susceptible to pain from overuse, misuse, or other components of a patient’s day-to-day.

What We Teach: Advanced Pain Management: Chronic Pain Series I

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Maverick Medical Education is dedicated to providing quality and comprehensive courses to teach medical practitioners vital techniques. Our research is clinically and academically based and our instructors have decades of experience in the field, we understand the subtle nuances that impact pain management and diagnostic practices. While we cannot, and will not, provide a full course for the purposes of this article, a preview of our Advanced Pain Management 1 Course should provide a taste of how we can improve your skills and knowledge base.

Cadavers with a Pulse

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If you’re paying for continuing education, why not come away with knowledge and a skill you can wield to produce better outcomes and happier patients? Maverick’s regional anesthesia courses over one-of-a-kind training on our patent-approved pulsatile cadavers — nowhere else can you practice ultrasound-guided needle acquisition on something that so closely mimics a live patient.

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