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What We Teach: Chronic Pain Series

By |2022-08-29T21:26:45+00:00July 29, 2022|Chronic Pain Management, Course Information, Course News|

Maverick Medical Education is committed to teaching pain relief methods to medical providers around the country. Within our courses, there are a number of methods explored, including within our Chronic Pain Series. This three-course series offers dozens of ways to relieve chronic pain and can help you better your practice through continued education with us.

How Ultrasound is Used in the ER

By |2022-08-29T21:44:48+00:00June 2, 2022|Course Information, Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)|

Ultrasound, specifically Point of Care Ultrasound, or POCUS, has many vital applications in all medical fields, especially in emergency room care. Maverick Medical Education stands behind this concept so firmly, we have developed a new course, ERstravaganza, to instruct ER Physicians, PAs, and NPs in how to better meet the needs of their patients and departments with ultrasound.

Maverick Medical Education Launches New Education Course

By |2022-08-29T21:49:48+00:00May 3, 2022|Uncategorized|

This month, Maverick Medical Education launched their latest instructional course, ERstravaganza. The program seeks to harness the power of Maverick’s patented pulsatile cadaver technology to provide catered instruction to medical providers looking to best harness ultrasound technology in emergency room settings.

Ultrasound for Guided Venous Access

By |2022-08-29T21:54:25+00:00March 25, 2022|Course Information, Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)|

While any visit to the hospital looks different, depending on the patient and their needs, a pretty common procedure done is the placement of an intravenous catheter to provide fluids, medicine, or both. These are so common in fact, that somewhere between 150 to 200 million are placed every year in the United States, according to Presley and Isenberg. Maverick Medical Education knows there are a growing number of uses of point of care ultrasound (POCUS) and the correct placement of these lines is one of them.

Step-by-Step Guide to a Cardiac Ultrasound

By |2022-08-29T21:56:04+00:00March 15, 2022|Course Information, Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)|

While ultrasound is frequently associated with obstetrics and monitoring mothers and babies throughout pregnancy, ultrasound technology is becoming more and more applicable to other fields of medicine as well. As more applications are discovered and utilized, learning Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) at a Maverick Medical Education course will allow you to better serve your communities, in whatever setting you find yourself.

How to Do an eFast Ultrasound Exam

By |2022-08-30T13:45:58+00:00February 28, 2022|Course Information, Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)|

Once a medical provider has been trained on Point of Care Ultrasound, the insight they can provide to their patients extends to multiple fields. From field trauma to pediatrics to emergency care, POCUS is a quick way to evaluate the care and procedures your patients might need while also allowing for continued evaluation depending on the issues at hand. The applications for POCUS are numerous and Maverick Medical Education is providing continued education for how POCUS is beneficial for you to become proficient at. One of these new applications is in performing eFast exams.

Using POCUS to Determine Abdominal Treatment

By |2022-08-30T18:59:22+00:00November 4, 2021|Course Information, Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)|

There had to have been countless times when doctors and those involved in medicine in ancient times would say, “If only I could look inside my patient and see what was going on!” We live in a time when seeing inside our patients is not just possible, but becoming more common, especially with the assistance of Point of Care Ultrasound.

Ultrasound Basics: Reading an Ultrasound Image

By |2022-08-30T19:17:10+00:00June 29, 2021|Course Information, Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)|

Even those of us in the medical field have had the awkward experience of being handed an ultrasound image of someone’s new baby and having to pause and think about what we may be looking at. The marvel of ultrasound, whether for pregnancies, guiding equipment, or monitoring progression of a medical concern, is clear. We can take a look inside the bodies of our patients with a simple wave of the hand, or, in this case, wand. How do we interpret those images though? Maverick Medical Education is learning more about ultrasound and how to assist patients in numerous fields, every day.

Identifying Shoulder Dislocation with POCUS

By |2022-08-30T20:02:15+00:00January 12, 2021|Course Information, Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)|

Point of Care Ultrasound continues to assist in the medical practice in a number of ways. Not only does POCUS allow for better imaging and diagnosis from the start, but the ability for imaging to continue to take place during and after a procedure is crucial to patient outcomes. Maverick Medical Education sees application for POCUS in numerous ways and urges all medical practitioners to become familiar with how this technology can benefit patients in all fields. POCUS can help significantly with identifying and treating a fairly common clinical presentation, shoulder dislocation.

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